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The Biological & Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems section of the MCAT is 95-minute long and contains 59 multiple-choice questions. To do well in this section you will need to combine your knowledge of foundational concepts in the biological and biochemical sciences with your scientific inquiry, reasoning, and research and statistics skills to solve problems that demonstrate readiness for medical school.

Dr. Donnelly can teach you the most efficient way to understand the high-yield Biology & Biochemistry topics that often appear on this section of the MCAT.

With Stuart's expert guidance, you will learn which key concepts to focus on and avoid becoming discouraged by the sheer volume of topics in the Biological Sciences section. This will prevent you from wasting your valuable study time focusing on the wrong details that are unlikely to be tested.

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"Stuart's strategies were very helpful in tackling the MCAT passage based questions. After just a few meetings, I felt more confident approaching the exam. I just got my scores and I did very well!! I got a 518 overall/97th percentile - (130 on Chemistry/Physics, 130 on Bio, 127 on CARS, and 131 on Psychology/Sociology). Thanks for your help preparing!"

Emily S., San Diego CA.

Doctor MCAT's student increases MCAT score

5 star review

"I appreciated how Dr. Donnelly concisely tailored his teaching to fit my learning style. His strategies are unique and helped me improve my MCAT score by 17 points to an amazing 523! - I got a perfect 132 score on the Bio section and near perfect scores on all the others (130 on Chem/Phys,, 130 on CARS, and 131 on Psych/Soc). Thank you Dr. Donnelly!"

Vismaya S., Colorado (online student).

Doctor MCAT's student increases MCAT score

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"Like many others, I took the MCAT many times before with suboptimal scores. And after my score went down, I was desperate for a good tutor to bring my score up. I was about to go with a company when I found Dr. MCAT. After our intro session, I knew right then and there that his methods were unique and he catered to the individual unlike many big companies, whose methods seem to only help a few people because of how general the strategies are. (I can say this because I use Kaplan twice before for the MCAT). My problem was definitely how I approached the test and Dr. MCAT definitely helped with that greatly. In ten weeks, he and his strategies took my score from the 66th percentile all the way to the 92nd percentile!! I highly recommend Dr. MCAT! And even if you don't live nearby, he offers tutoring sessions over Skype so don't be shy to reach out to him if you need MCAT help!"

Jenil B., Blauvelt, New York.

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MCAT Biology Section

Three Key Concepts Tested

Foundational Concept 1: Biomolecules have unique properties that determine how they contribute to the structure and function of cells, and how they participate in the processes necessary to maintain life.

  • 1A: Structure and function of proteins and their constituent amino acids
  • 1B: Transmission of genetic information from the gene to the protein
  • 1C: Transmission of heritable information from generation to generation and the processes that increase genetic diversity
  • 1D: Principles of bioenergetics and fuel molecule metabolism
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Foundational Concept 2: Highly-organized assemblies of molecules, cells, and organs interact to carry out the functions of living organisms.

  • 2A: Assemblies of molecules, cells, and groups of cells within single cellular and multicellular organisms
  • 2B: The structure, growth, physiology, and genetics of prokaryotes and viruses
  • 2C: Processes of cell division, differentiation, and specialization
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Foundational Concept 3: Complex systems of tissues and organs sense the internal and external environments of multicellular organisms, and through integrated functioning, maintain a stable internal environment within an ever-changing external environment.

  • 3A: Structure and functions of the nervous and endocrine systems and ways in which these systems coordinate the organ systems
  • 3B: Structure and integrative functions of the main organ systems
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